Intermission – July 12

Are you watching the curtain for movement during intermission? Or did you take the opportunity for a restroom visit? If so, know that there was movement. Someone peeked out for a minute. Someone with wet boots… Very wet boots. Walking through a mowed field in the morning before the grass dries… *very* wet boots indeed.

I was trying to follow a map to find a snowmobile trail that led to a beaver dam, apparently. There were no white blazes to follow, of course, only fences marking property boundaries – I turned back, unsure where I had permission to be and where not. At least it was a walk, if not a hike, right?

Back to the convent I went, in time for lunch and Scrabbling, not necessarily in that order. 🙂 Then I took an afternoon drive, heading still further north, to Newport and Lake Memphremagog, which forms part of the US/Canada border. The town is small, but has some neat shops, very Vermont themed. I sampled some maple rum and ice cider that I saved the info for – the shop ships. Imagine that!

Dinner was easily the best meatloaf I have ever had. I want the recipe! I got my pack fully packed up after, and had a great time talking with the nuns in their parlor area, explaining about hiking in general, pulling out equipment to show them, and answering their questions. We even ran over a bit, losing track of time, they had to hurry to keep their scheduled evening prayer, but I think we all enjoyed it! They have the blog URL now, as well.

Today I admit I reinstalled the Candy crush app on my phone and played a bit, but I will delete it tomorrow before heading out. I think I have gotten a bit soft and lazy over the 6 days I was off trail, but that ends tomorrow! I do not plan on another zero day until I clear the Whites, or until it is my birthday, whichever comes first. I need to get cracking.

My feet still swell,  yes, and my sister said to be sure to mention that my head fell off yesterday as well, but all’s good. Time to turn in. I will elevate the feet.

I hike on.

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