Trail Notes – August 31 (Bigelow Range – Avery Peak, Little Bigelow; Flagstaff Lake)

The dog ate my homework? No, but the WordPress app ate my post before I could publish it! It was a good long post, too, but now, sadly, you just get the bulletpoints. Because life has a tendency to move on. 

  • The climb up Avery Peak was steep, but short; much easier with trekking poles then with empty water bottles though!
  • The climb down Avery Peak was long, tedious, filled with the customary, annoying, four Maine trail staples, and took 3 hours to descend 2.3 miles. Blech!
  • Little Bigelow was a picnic in comparison, and it was on this mountain I had an epiphany; the 15 mile day was better saved for the section of the map where the elevation graph looks like a broken heart rate machine.
  • I ended the day at a lovely campsite next to Flagstaff Lake, after a 10 mile day, where my Bic picnic lighter refused to light. Having failed the basic Neanderthal test – I could not make fire – I traded use of my Steripen for use of a Bic lighter loaned by another hiker. Hot meal, oh, yes!!!

I hike on!

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