Trail Notes – September 1 (Da Milestone)

1000 miles of wear on the feet…

1000 miles of wear!

Yes, people. Today, I reached 1000 on the AT odometer! Actually, I reached 1010, because today was that 15 mile day I needed! I am typing now from Pierce Pond Shelter, 4 miles out of Caratunk, and .3 miles out from a 7 am breakfast of 12 pancakes, eggs, and sausage. Can I eat it all? We shall see! I am where I planned to be today, and that is very good!

Maine is… well, wearing me down. New Hampshire was difficult, but fun; in general, Maine is just difficult. Ascending, descending, or just level as it was today, the trail still has me stumbling over rocks, roots, dodging mud patches, rockhopping frantically over liquid mud or water. I am sad to report that in terms of least favorite trail, it has definitely pushed PA to a distant second place. Frustration levels registered very high today.

Still… I did do 15 today. And it was worth it! My tent is set up right next to the pond, which is actually lake-sized, and I am listening to the loons and the lapping water. There is the smell of a campfire drifting from the shelter above me. And I got some gorgeous sunset pictures, as well… And a hot meal! (Still hungry though.)

Tomorrow, after 7 am breakfast at Harrison’s Pierce Pond camps only that short walk away, I walk four miles to the Kennebec River, where I will be canoed over to the other side… in a canoe with a white blaze painted on the bottom. After a hiker drowned trying to ford the river, the ATC contracted to provide free canoe rides across as part of the official route. 

Caratunk lies on the opposite shore. I will take a nearo, because I need to resupply, get a shower, do laundry, and want to dry out my gear. The skies keep dumping rain at night onto my tent. Last night, it was even a thunderstorm. Tonight looks clear though.

I hike on!

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2 thoughts on “Trail Notes – September 1 (Da Milestone)

  1. Cindy CRKAT

    Congratulations on 1000, what an accomplishment. You are so strong and brave. Keep up the great job.


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