Trail Notes – September 12

I am only human. And I am subject to temptation just like everyone else… I will explain why this is relevant.

Today dawned bright and clear and beautiful, and the elevation line on the map was once again a flat line except for one small bump in the middle. “Surely today”, thought I, “I can get in that long coveted 20 mile day!”

Well, no, not quite. Roots and rocks reappeared on the trail and did slow my progress, but my true undoing was stopping for a break at Potaywadjo Spring Shelter, 7.7 miles in. Spidey was there, along with a group of section hikers who were planning to stop for the night at the White House Landing Hostel, in another 2.8 miles. 

Now, about this hostel… first off, the only way to get to it was via the owner’s motorboat, across a very beautiful body of water – am not sure if it was pond, lake, or river, but it was about a ten minute boat ride. Second, they had half-pound burgers. Third… SHOWER. Fourth, I had managed to step wrong on a root, and my left foot responded by cramping and spasming annoyingly.

I didn’t intend to get off trail until the end of the 100 MW, but I am only human, and I fell to temptation. Spidey would have, too, but he had a tight deadline to catch a flight in a few days.

So… Loved the boat ride, and the burger was the best I have had on the trail, no question. Thick and juicy, cooked just right, with the juices soaking into the bun, and with cheese melting in… And a homemade pumpkin spice whoopie pie. Drooling even now. The sunset was absolutely gorgeous, too, and there were loon calls out over the water. Some of the other hikers set up a camera on a tripod to do multi-shots of the sunset, and I had great fun, and we all had a good laugh, when I ran in front of the camera to make some funny faces for a second. Baltimore Bob and G-man were there as well, I didn’t expect that; good to see them again. 

On the other hand, the mattresses in the bunkroom were very springy, as in – you could feel every spring. It was a bit pricey, and showers were limited to 5 minutes. I managed though. There was no electricity – only at their house through an inverter, and it was $5 to charge a device, but I really needed my phone charged, so I paid. Breakfast was pretty good, but again a bit pricey; I’d thought it was included in the price, but no. Ferrying us back to the trail took a bit; I didn’t start hiking again until 9, and I begrudged the lost 2 hours. It made me grumpy later on.But that belongs more in the next day’s entry.

I covered 10.5 miles today – no, not 20, but not a bad distance for Maine either.

I hike on!

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One thought on “Trail Notes – September 12

  1. Mrs Joy

    Yay the return of Ziptie! Same thing happened to me in the vicinity of that hostel. Intended to go for a burger, stayed for the night.

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