Trail Notes -September 13 (Nesuntabunt Mt.)

Closer and closer and closer… Even with the late start (9 am) and tougher terrain, I covered 15.8 miles in 9 hours for a personal record! I could feel myself closing in on the goal, and it was energizing my feet and legs! 

Terrain was pretty average for Maine; up on top of Nesuntabunt Mt., there was a scenic overlook with an awesome view across a lake to Katahdin, 16 miles away as the crow flies, about 35 trail miles away. I kept crossing paths with G-man and Baltimore Bob during the day and they took a pic of me with Katahdin in the background.

When I reached the Rainbow Spring Shelter, I opted for tenting; the shelter has a ‘baseball bat’ floor, bumpy round logs laid next to each other. No, thank you. There are a lot of hikers here tonight, most of them tenting as well – fortunately there are a lot of good sites! Getting in at 6 pm, it was dark under the trees by the time I set up camp and made dinner; I needed help finding the privy, even with a headlamp. I think it needs new batteries!

Hopefully rain will not fall tomorrow until after I have packed up the tent, we will see!

I hike on!

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