Transition Period – September 17 – 20 (Millinocket, ME – Laurel, MD)

The days after treelining blur together now…  Certainly there was a lot of relief, and a lot of celebration. Oddly enough, my departure from Harper’s Ferry was during the Flip Flop Festival, and my trip up Katahdin was the day before the Trails End Festival in Millinocket, so the days I spent there were much livelier than usual in that town. There were a lot of vendors, food trucks, and excellent music. 

I ended up staying a day longer than I originally planned; logistics worked out so that taking a plane from Boston to DC on Monday was cheaper than taking a train on Sunday. So this I did. Shuttle to Medway to catch a bus to Bangor to catch another bus to Boston. Then subways to the airport, then a plane to BWI, then my sister’s car to get to her house in Laurel at midnight. I was going to say that getting out of Maine is not easy, but in a single day, I covered the distance it took me 5 months to hike.

And it felt all wrong.

And I wanted to enjoy my few hours in Boston, a city I love, but I was edgy and nervous; it was a relief to leave, honestly. Still has excellent seafood though!

I do need a few days off; somehow I twisted my ankle at the hostel, and have an ankle brace on now to let it heal up. Friday, I head back out to Harper’s Ferry, and begin heading south, probably on Saturday.

It still feels all wrong. Looking forward to being back in the trail!

I transition.

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10 thoughts on “Transition Period – September 17 – 20 (Millinocket, ME – Laurel, MD)

  1. Mrs Joy

    You’re in my stomping grounds! I live in Lanham, work in Greenbelt. Waving in the general direction of Laurel. 🙂


    • I have to hit the REI in College Park tomorrow. Want to do lunch? 🙂


      • Mrs Joy

        Ah, man, I missed this! Did you go to the REI?


      • Yes, and got my stuff… Sorry!


      • Mrs Joy

        Dangit! Well, if you want to revisit College Park there is a tasty gyro place. And there’s a decent Korean place closer to Laurel. 🙂


      • Mrs Joy

        Except I just noticed you’re actually headed to the trail tomorrow. Enjoy, the weather should be delightful. I’m going out on Saturday. 🙂


      • Well, no, plans changed. I can do lunch tomorrow, if we can meet at Greenbelt Metro stop at a prearranged time? I have no car, just walking or using the bus.


  2. Dulce-Joy

    Just think, you’ll never look at life the same again!


  3. Ginny

    I so wish I could meet you again in Harper’s Ferry!! That would be perfect!!
    Have a great trip back.

    Liked by 1 person

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