Transition Period – September 21-22 (Beltsville, MD)

I’ve done a fair share of trudging city sidewalks and roads in my crocs over the past two days – I have to say, it just doesn’t measure up! Also TV watching, but I will leave that behind as well without a problem. 

Yesterday was supposed to be a trip to REI, and some unfinished dental business, but you know that commercial about American Express? “Don’t leave home without it?” Well, I don’t have AMEX, but I did leave all my credit cards behind by accident, and had to postpone the REI trip until today. Yesterday, I did about 4 or 5 miles, today the same.

Made it out to REI today – a sunny, warm day. I picked up new boots (Keens again), a new stuff sack for my cooking gear (accidentally set the last one on fire), a new fuel canister, and batteries for the headlamp. And a cheeseburger! The walk from College Park back into Beltsville was not hard, just long and humid. Sunburned! The heat and humidity in MD is such a total change from Maine, it is very hard to get used to. Fortunately, I don’t have to.

Tomorrow, lunch with a new friend, I hope, and dinner with an old one. Base of ops shifts briefly to Reston, VA, Friday night to Saturday morning, then the train out to Harper’s Ferry leaves Union Station at 4:05, and I resume the trek on Sunday. Yay!!!

I transition. 

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