Post-Trail Notes – October 26 (Newport News, Colonial Williamsburg, Yorktown)

I apologize for not blogging last night, but I was out with the cousins, and it was a four drink night!

I slept in, on a very comfortable bed, and woke up to find a hot shower only steps away! I eventually wobbled out about 8:30 to get a cup of coffee and shoot the political breeze with cousin Jean. Definitely off trail now!

I organized my gear into ‘ship home’ and ‘keep with’ piles, and we visited a UPS store to ship home the much bigger pile. It cost more than I expected, but was still cheaper and much easier than lugging the pack through airports and trying to check it as luggage. 

Also, we stopped by a Dunkin’ Donuts so I could get some fuel. Now, Jean has been teasing me about my New England accent for days now. So, when I walked into this donut shop and ordered a ham and cheddar sandwich, the first words out of the cashier’s mouth – “You sound like you’re from the North.” *mental groan* “I AM from the North. Don’t hold it against me.” Mental note – avoid words ending in ‘r’ while down here. Five words, and the cheddah was my downfall.

Jean was eager to show me the Noland Trail, a five mile circuit around a beautiful lake near the Mariners Museum in Newport News, and we walked and talked about 3.5 miles. It’s a well-maintained trail, and they paint the roots on the path with flourescent orange paint for better visibility. I can only imagine how much paint they would need for that purpose in Maine, the whole trail would be solid orange! 

Then we drove over to Williamsburg to wander the streets and back in time. There were fewer people in period costume than I expected, but somehow that made it feel more real and much less like a theme park than I expected. Jean knew the history and made a great tour guide, and we just took our time. Eventually, we ended up on the campus of William and Mary, which Jefferson attended. That was our turn around point, and then we headed back on the other side of the street. There was a hat merchant on the way, and I was seriously contemplating buying a tri-corner hat, but settled for having a picture while wearing it. 

Jean took me to lunch at a restaurant right on the tarmac of the small regional airport, and we watched small private planes taking off and landing while enjoying some great food. I discovered all over again that my hand-eye coordination stinks when attempting to flip a penny. Ah, well. Can’t have everything.

Yorktown was next, a visit to the cave Cornwallis was forced to use as a headquarters, a cannonball still embedded high up in a house’s brick wall, some mental imagining of warships where the York River enters the Chesapeake Bay, and I pulled off boots and socks and walked barefoot in the sand a bit – that was really great! It was getting late and chilly though, so we headed back.

I did request a stop at Wal-Mart on the way back, and took a lot longer inside than I meant to, but I was desperately wanting to buy some clothes that were not hiking-related and not clothes I have been wearing for months. Just a pair of pants and a nice looking shirt, was all I wanted. And to get my glasses back to where they were not in danger of falling off my nose every minute. It took longer to get the pants than I thought because I took a size 10 and 12 into the dressing room with me – no, and no again. Even after the large lunch I had – it appears I am a size 8 now. When I started out – I was a size 14. Now to figure out how to keep it off! (Actually, those pants are too big. I needed to go down to 6, I think.)

Dinner was at a seafood restaurant with my cousins Theresa and Patti, after two glasses of wine and time hanging out at Jean’s. Very good food – I think. Certainly the rumrunners were very good, and made the rest a bit fuzzy.. Okay, more than a bit fuzzy. But a lot of fun, and with people I rarely get to see! I pretty much fell into bed when we got back, and that was all she wrote! (Or didn’t write.)

I live on!

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