Post-Trail Notes – October 27 (Newport News VA, Richmond VA, Atlanta GA, Austin TX)

Nearly too tired to blog tonight. A long day of travel, sandwiched in between BBQ in VA and Mexican in TX. Atlanta airport nearly drove me insane – too many people in a relatively small atea, I ducked into a bar for some respite and a beer to settle my nerves. Too long outside and isolated.

 The flights themselves were nothing unusual, save for being early on the TX leg. My sister Cathy arrived at the airport at the same time I did, very convenient! Then it was off to a Mexican restaurant where my niece Nicole was waiting. She has grown into such a beautiful young woman!

Tomorrow will be a good, full day, wandering around TX with Cathy and getting some hiking in. Serious craving for a Greek salad right now.

I will sleep well tonight.

I live on!

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One thought on “Post-Trail Notes – October 27 (Newport News VA, Richmond VA, Atlanta GA, Austin TX)

  1. Carol Kleibacker

    Yay Betsy! What an adventure you have had these past months. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, daily trials, triumphs and insights. You did it and you still “live on”…..!

    Carol Kleibacker Sent from my iPad


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