Post-Trail Notes – November 5

I said I would blog until things got boring, but there’s not that much unusual to blog about every day, alas. That /would/ get boring. So, some general observations for the past few days.

  • My Fitbit makes a 😛 at me when it switches over to a new day, until I do some walking
  • I’m covering 5-6 miles a day, mostly on flat, paved sidewalks, but I have asked for and received several suggestions on where to walk that will be more challenging. The mileage is a far cry from what I was covering towards the end of the hike, but I have to step it down. 
  • My feet still swell, and my ankles are still hurting. I wear  an ankle brace yet on the right foot.
  • It was great to see old caching friends today! And will see more tomorrow.
  • It is problematic to try to hike long distances (10+ miles) in urban areas. On the trail, there was always the option of stepping off trail to take care of business. That’s not nearly as possible here, and must be taken into account.
  • I’ve finished a long, chronological list of where I stayed each night on the trail, be it shelter, hostel, or motel. This will be invaluable for cataloging the 1500 or so pictures I took, and for dividing the proposed book into state-sized sections.
  • Once the pictures are sorted and the best ones picked out and captioned, I’ll take my sister Cathy’s suggestion and have a picture book created from one of the online services. Maybe even ready by the pizza party in December? Who knows!
  • Should know more about what is happening, job-wise, next week. Updating my resume is one of the tasks on the massive to-do list. Yes, just as before starting the hike, I am back to checking items off a to-do list. In my end is my beginning.
  • Days go by…

    I live on!

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    5 thoughts on “Post-Trail Notes – November 5

    1. Mary

      When you create the picture book, could I request 2 copies? One for me and one for Peggy?


    2. Mrs Joy

      I made a picture book and made several copies – family members wanted it.


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