Post-Trail Notes – November 10

Remember that ‘until things get boring’ clause? 

Well, I am here to tell you that walking endlessly around an empty mall to try to get some miles in when it is raining outside – that is the most mind-numbingly boring thing ever! I will need music if I need to try that again!

Ankles were getting better, then I did 9 miles on Omaha bike paths on Election Day, and now they need to get better again. I am going to turn soft and lazy. 😦 I’ve only been back a week and a half, but it feels much longer. Did I really do all this?

I’ve gone through my pics and selected out about 150 out of 1500 that I really like, and started cross-checking to label them with approximate location. Obviously, I will have to whittle the number down further for a photo book, but it is a start.

Tonight I am going to go to a Toastmasters’ meeting as an observing non-member! I’m pretty excited about this, I really want to improve on my speaking skills. Also plan to contact the Bellevue City Council to see if I can volunteer to serve on any of the city committees. And, of course, I will try to put some words down in Word for the book. I try to keep my days full, even if hiking has dwindled. Work situation still in flux, but financially, it hasn’t reached “I need a job NOW” stage yet.

Peace, people!

I live on!

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One thought on “Post-Trail Notes – November 10

  1. Mrs Joy

    Woo Toastmasters!


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