Post-Trail Notes – November 21

Life goes on… and so do I!

I will be back at work next Monday, at much the same job I was doing before, and I am grateful to have that settled. With that much less stress hanging over my head, my mind is free now to do other things. I’ve started working on the book more seriously, just a half-hour here and there, but if it is still slow, it is still progress. Just like on the trail, I’ll get there in the end, even if I am slow. 🙂

In other news… I’ve been spending money, since I will have a steady source of income again soon. I ordered a child’s dish set from the John Wayne Birthplace website to fulfill a promise made to a trail angel and her son, who loves all things John Wayne, and will send it on as a Christmas gift once it arrives. And I spent a good chunk of time last night creating a 5×7 photobook on the Walmart site, arranging photos and captions just *so*. I ordered two copies – if it turns out well, I’ll create some 8×11 photobooks to send out to people. Because that was another (silent) promise, and because people (you know who you are) were so darned NICE to me while I was on trail!

Side note – maple liquor from Vermont rocks. And I still metabolize alcohol FAST. I only had one shot!

Darned head cold, or whatever it is, I keep sneezing and feeling muddle-headed. Before anyone says anything, no, it’s not normal. 🙂

Every year, I hold a big pizza party for geocachers at a Valentinos in Omaha – this will be the 10th year of hosting it, so I’ve been pulling out the stops to make it a special one. Of course, that means I have to turn on the creative juices to produce holiday geocaching carol songs. I’ll work on THAT after Thanksgiving. Also, catching up with people I’ve not seen since April. Pleasant, very pleasant, but the weight issue is something I’ll need to keep a close eye on!


Cheers, everyone!

I live on!

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One thought on “Post-Trail Notes – November 21

  1. Ginny

    Happy Thanksgiving Betsy!!!


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