Day 3: T -98 Days

Items successfully completed yesterday from the massive to-do list:

  • Map geocaches along the route
  • Test-dry veggies
Today, the washer started shaking itself apart during the final spin cycle. I ended up having to offload about half the clothes (cold and sopping wet, ugh!), and shifting all the rest around – as I suspected, the load was simply unbalanced. Two spin cycles later, the clothes were all ready for the dryer.
So what does this have to do with the AT? It’s part of the reason I’m walking it! There are times that I feel like that unbalanced load. The weight of everything seems way too much sometimes, and it feels like I’m going to shake myself apart. I know everyone feels that way sometimes, but this is my way of trying to rebalance the load. In Christian terms, the world is too much with me.  Even St. Paul had to go away for a time, right after his conversion, to prepare himself for his missionary work. I don’t know what God’s wanting me to do next, but this is my time to clear my head, rebalance myself, become stronger.
It’s not the only reason I’m doing this. But it is a major one.
Misc. notes:
  • – Some kind geocacher has already pieced together lists of caches along the AT. This saves me many many hours of tedious work!
  • – The green beans and onions dried all right – but I never expected how they would look when finished. Little stick-like beans and small dots that were once full pearl onions… they taste okay, but not much substance there! Note to self- that thing called water is amazingly crucial!
  • – I picked up a tip somewhere that carrying a dryer sheet in your pocket will ward off mosquitoes. I don’t know about that, but they don’t weigh anything, might be worth a try.
That’s all for today…
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