Day 4: T -97 Days

Items successfully completed yesterday from the massive to-do list:

  • Niente. Nothing crossed off on the list
Back to work today… it cut down on my productivity. That, and I nearly had a heart attack when I opened the bill from Methodist Hospital for my kidneystone surgery and hospital stay. I don’t know how much insurance will cover, but if anything is likely to sink this hike, it will be the  medical bills.  Those of you who are inclined to prayer, give God a nudge and tell him, “psst, hey, Betsy needs money”, will you? Maybe I’ll win the lottery! :) There is a silver lining – I am down about six lbs since the surgery.
Misc notes:
  • – I started up the exercise regime again today – taking it slow at the beginning. The building I work in has a 1.5 mile indoor walking trail that wends all over the pace, and up and down several staircases from the third floor to the basement. (One staircase alone has 66 steps.)  This will be very helpful  – this week I’ll stick to doing it once a day; next week, I’ll progress to twice a day, and so on. The only issue is that trying to bring a loaded pack in will raise a lot of eyebrows. I’ll have to find another place for pack-training. Once my bloody kidney stops hurting!
  • – Health insurance to cover my meds or more serious things while I’m on the trail. I asked around today to get the names of who at my company to talk to about COBRA, or other options… haven’t contacted them yet though.
  • – Dad gave me a $50 Bass Pro card for Christmas. It will not last long. Boots, pack cover, pepper spray and/or bear spray… Just to begin with. The boots I need to get asap; start breaking them in. The rest can wait. I’m hoping to exercise myself thin enough again that the hiking clothes I bought early last year will fit me again. :)
  • – Money-saving measures – packed in my breakfast (homemade dried fruit & nut oatmeal), and a sandwich and peanuts for lunch. I calculated I can save about $25-$300 a month by packing instead of buying!Okay, I thought that today was going to be a short one. It was a long one. Sorry, peoples!
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